Use your money and expertise to change the world with HERmesa

In the UK, over 85% of angel investors are men and over 95% of early stage funding goes to all-male founded start-ups despite the fact that female co-founders outperform their male peers.

Community is at the heart of HERmesa

We are proud of our collaborative and supportive community of operators and entrepreneurs. We leverage the diverse backgrounds and deep sector expertise of our members to make informed investment decisions.

We welcome first-time investors and encourage you to learn-by-doing, to get involved in the investment process and connect and exchange views with fellow HERmesa members to learn and grow as an investor.

Learning together to build confidence

We organise regular education events where you can learn from VCs and experienced investors. HERmesa provides access to a library of educational content. Past topics have included:

  • How to perform due diligence

  • How to stress-test early stage financial projections

  • How to understand a shareholder agreement

  • How to scan pitch decks

  • Sector specific investing seminars

Our structured approach to investment

Pre-screen and expert call

HERmesa member sector experts pre-screen deals

Screening committee

Deals only proceed if the sector expert likes the deal and will personally invest (subject to DD)

Pitch event

Company presentation and investor Q&A, members indicate interest in investing

Due diligence

Thorough, collective due diligence per HERmesa standard process; formal deal memo published


HERmesa members make individual decision to invest in start-up

Rules of thumb for investors


Each investor chooses which deals
to invest in and how much to allocate per deal


The minimum individual
cheque size is £2k


Members allocate a minimum of £10k
over one year to dedicate to angel investing


The goal is to make approximately 5 investments
in the first 12-18 months