Where women funders and founders meet to build the future

We are delighted HERmesa has been shortlisted as a finalist for Angel Group of the Year for 2 years running at the UKBAA Awards.

We are a diverse community of operators turned angels 

We have hands-on experience in start-ups, scale-ups  and large corporations. We believe the best way to learn is by doing – and angel investing is no different.

We encourage all interested women (& aligned men) to join our active, inclusive community

We are proud to support a growing portfolio of exceptional women-led start-ups

The Diversity Dividend is why we focus on female investors and female founders.

Time and time again we have seen how a truly diverse, supportive business landscape is the key to more successful investments.


better returns

The future needs more female founders.

Start-ups with female founders make significantly better investments.  Female founded start-ups perform 63% better than start ups with all male founding teams (Source: 10years.Firstround.com) and deliver 2x as much per dollar invested (78 cents vs 31 cents). (Source: Boston Consulting Group, “Why Women-Owned Start Ups Are a Better Bet” 2018)


more profitable exits

The future needs more female investors.

The data is clear: venture capital firms that increase their proportion of female partner hires by 10% see, on average, a 1.5% spike in yearly overall fund returns and have 9.7% more profitable exits.

(Source: Harvard Business Review, “The Other Diversity Dividend”, 2018)

Less than 14%

women angel investors

There is a lack of female angel investors in the UK and Europe

Right now, the future is overwhelmingly built by male founders and backed by male investors. (Source: Harvard Business Review, “The Other Diversity Dividend”, 2018)

HERmesa is redressing the balance by providing a supportive space to women interested in angel investing to learn, collaborate and invest together. We are working hard to create a more diverse future by helping women have a seat at the table.